A little Q&A with Chuck on some anticipated FAQs


What happened to FBC?

So, right, about that....let me do this the easy way for now and just share the letter I sent to all our members in early November when we realized we weren't going to make it out alive. Both FBC Japan (Kobe) and FBC USA will/have closed in December 2020 - 33 years after we first started.

What and why is this new website?

As many people know, I was never much of a "businessman", but rather loved the unifying role we found and played in the foreign community in Japan for the last 3 decades. I always felt we had a special relationship with our "members"; our staff were called "paid volunteers" (and were all way overqualified to do what they did for me/FBC for what we offered them). It's always been personal. So, suddenly it occurred to me- wait! With FBC gone how will people find me and we them?! So, I called my oldest daughter Kristin and she and her husband Dwayne scrambled to help us set up this website (with wix- nice!) and viola! A place to find us and honestly a true new start of a new season in many, many ways.

So is this like your new job or what?

The funny thing is - our walk with God has always been our main thing - FBC was the context and now it's here and there. Kelly and I have always been "undercover agents for God". And, as many know, we pray for people anywhere and everywhere - we love "working with street people" in LA; loved fostering kids; enjoyed monthly prison ministry at the Federal prison in LA for years; we went through a school of ministry from 2013-15 and then got ordained as "ministers" at the same church (Antioch Church of Long Beach) in 2016. So, I would say we are not "doing" much new - its in new places. And, if we can, we're asking God to send partners who love what we do - but they can't do it themselves - so they let us do the front line work and they just partner with us to help us pay our bills! Till I get my book done!

Do you really have cancer - like bad cancer?

Basically,  yes. So, I was diagnosed in 2012 with what was then seen as a rare and aggressive form of cancer and I was told I would need to do everything to stop it- surgery, chemo, radiation, etc.. BUT the day after I was diagnosed, the day after, my dad suddenly died, while waiting at the hospital as I worried he was not doing well and pushed him to go in...A few weeks later my mom died- sort of suddenly and my best friend had dramatically started rehab and....ok, so it was a bit overwhelming. I took a minute and prayed about it. We do go to doctors. I just want to say that. BUT, we also pray and have prayed and seen what can only be called miracles- and I chose- on my own - to simply not do anything except pray and ask God to walk me to healing. That did not go over well with many, including my doctors, and they got real blunt- on this path you will have roughly 4 years- 2 good and 2 bad and that's it. I got extra opinions - pressured one can say. And that was that. BUT here I am! To quote Yoshiko, who saw me in maybe 2013 or 14 at an FBC event... "You're alive!!" Too funny. Yup- still here. So for 7 years I just stayed about the same- weirdly. Then a year or so ago I got dark thoughts. I realized FBC was in trouble and literally thought I might be better off to slip away than to crash and burn my legacy! The kids were mad- Kelly too. So, last year I changed back to my God path but still no medical treatments and now I am in 'hospice'- well, outpatient hospice. The good news is - FBC has crashed and burned but people are super nice to me and not mean or mad- I mean, I have cancer and am in hospice! So, now my goal is to beat the cancer and have one more great "story" to tell.

So what is next?

This... I want to share our stories and help others create their own. We want to facilitate and empower and we'll see where and how God guides and provides. At the moment we are connected to two great churches- ACLB (Antioch Church of Long Beach), where we have been active leaders for the last 10 years, and  KUC (Kobe Union Church), in Kobe where we have been members and attended while in Japan off and on since we came in 1985. So, for now, we are "support pastors" raising our own "support" to assist at KUC. BUT, with COVID...we got stuck in Long Beach! Wow. So, now I log about 30 hours a week on zoom, Skype, phone and emails - giving sermons twice a month and "being a pastor" for a mix of people mostly in Japan... from Long Beach!

How can people show some love :)?

You mean "partner with us?" Sure. Go to this page on our home church's website 

and you can give a tax deductible gift to "Chuck and Kelly Partners" aka "CKG Mission fund". Just be sure to select 

"CKG Mission Fund" under the “Giving Type”

Make checks payable to:
Antioch Church of Long Beach
PO Box 2291
Long Beach, CA 90801
And mark as Gift for CKG Mission Fund

Or just send a gift via our PayPal account. Thanks.

Do you guys really pray for people and stuff happens? For real?

Yes, often. Shoot me an email and let's give it a go