Want to partner with us?

Yea, I want to say everything in my own words and make things a bit different... but, really. I want to ask people to "partner" with us. Yes, you can say "support", but here is why I say partner and how you can do it...

For years we've done many things most of our friends would not do - because they were not led or called or maybe just it just freaked them out.. WE on the other hand, love living on the edge and if we even think the Holy spirit might be nudging us to do something - we will likely do it. All that to say, I feel we are most comfortable on the front line and many others would prefer to "partner with us" by sending prayers, money and well wishes - that's great! We can go out and represent a lot of folks and share the stories and the credit.  One body - many parts.

AND partners give and take - so, no kidding.. let us know what YOU need and what we might be able to do for you. Try me.

Screen Shot 2020-12-02 at 7.18.08 PM.png

So, if that sounds like a partnership you want to be part of...

Here are the options for donating money:

  • Send it to the TAOChuckAndKelly PayPal here

  • Send it (tax deductible) to the CKG Mission through Antioch Church of Long Beach here

    • Make sure you select CKG Mission Fund as the "Giving Type" from the dropdown menu​

  • Send (tax deductible) checks payable to:
    Antioch Church of Long Beach
    PO Box 2291
    Long Beach, CA 90801
    And mark as "Gift for CKG Mission Fund"