In Other Words...

A collection of others' words about Chuck, Kelly and FBC over the years

Beach at Sunset

"I don't want your advice, I just want you to pray for me"

Sachino - FBC employee/adopted family member


Neil's testimony of healing

Prayed for by Chuck and Kelly at a diner in Long Beach


Article on FBC/Chuck and Kelly from Japan Harvest Winter 2003

Sorry for the poor quality of the images - hopefully you are still able to read the text. These will be replaced with the actual text fairly soon (thank you JEMA!).

White Plants

Troy in Fukushima - FBC member/customer

Lots of little stories of nice phone calls and emails - just like friends. Amazing, actually, that such a huge company could maintain that between-friends feeling!


"I’m sure you’re receiving many messages of appreciation from those whose lives have been impacted and changed by you both - and the FBC family. 
We count ourselves as perhaps some of the MOST blessed to be a part of this family - as you know - the very family where Aya and I first met (the DOCK!) and then started our friendship, and then marriage.
Wow - God is so good! 
We consider ourselves as so blessed and indebted to you both for creating and nurturing this community. 
You (or we) cannot imagine the ripples of blessing that have gone out and literally impacted millions of people because of you.
Yes, a chapter finished. A door closed and a sense of emptiness where there once was so much life and activity.
But in Christ, nothing is lost - blessings have been spread abroad, wide and far. And we are left with connections - deep, eternal bonds of love that first made connection and were planted, sprouted, seedlings and then bore fruit in the FBC community."

Jeff (and Aya) - FBC employee/family friend